PERFORMANCE – Herbal Equine Supplements

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PERFORMANCE – Herbal Equine Supplement

500 mg of nano-encapsulated CBD (10 oral syringes with 50mg CBD each)

PERFORMANCE – Herbal Equine Supplement provides water-soluble, nano-encapsulated CBD, which has up to 5 times the bioavailability of non-nano-encapsulated CBD. PERFORMANCE herbal equine supplements are formulated to provide horses with increased stamina while reducing stress response and anxiety.

500mg nano-encapsulated, water-soluble CBD per 100mL, Ashwagandha extract 1:4 ratio, Marshmallow Root extract 1:4 ratio, USP certified vegetable glycerine, Distilled water

Our product works best, and has the best results, when provided on a daily basis. When a customer starts seeing the benefit of CBD enriched nutraceutical supplements for their pet, it becomes an important part of their daily routine- just like their morning walk. Find out how it works directly from Creating Brighter Days™.

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