What Type of Cannabis do You Use?

Depends on the product! We use several types of strains for our oil capsule infusions and most of our baked goods are produced using the same pure THC oil extract (honey oil) that is in our THC Phoenix Tears.

What Process do you use to Extract your Pure THC and CBD?

At our partner laboratory, we use a closed isopropyl-based extraction method to achieve what we call “Amber”, a very clear and clean pure cannabis oil. This oil is then diluted with pure MCT oil (a special coconut oil derivative) to achieve the desired potency. The addition of MCT oil also significantly increases the bio-availability during the digestive process.

What is Bio-Availability?

Bio-availability is a term for how easily a substance is absorbed by your digestive system. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble moleculesmeaning that they bind with fats and oils.

This is great for digestion, because natural fats are readily absorbed by your intestinal tract into your bloodstream. To promote absorption even further, we add lecithin to all of our oils. Stomach acid is very strong and will destroy the fragile cannabinoid molecules unless they are protected by binding to a fat molecule.

This is why cannabis should always be accompanied by natural oils and fats (coconut oil, etc.) when ingested. Cannabinoids on their own are simply not very bio-available, which is why eating dry or ground cannabis bud or plant material is one of the least efficient consumption methods.

How Stable and Reliable are Edibles?

Edibles that use cannabis oils (like ours) as their medicinal ingredient are extremely stable. The food ingredients will spoil long before any changes in potency occur, and standard storage rules for packaged food items should be followed (see next question for storage).

Edibles that use shatter, keif, or hash as their medicinal ingredient are less stable but will also hold potency if kept refrigerated/frozen.

Edibles that do not infuse their products but rather “dip” or “spray” the surfaces of their products with THC (as is the case with many sugar-coated gummy candies, potato chips, etc.) are far less stable and consistent. The medicinal component on the outside is fully exposed to handling damage and loss of potency is almost guaranteed to occur.

What is the Best way to Store Edibles in my Dispensary?

Store baked edibles in a sealed, air-tight container out of direct sunlight. If expected to be sold within two-to-three weeks, we recommend room-temperature storage or refrigeration. After three weeks refrigerate products until freeze-by date, then freeze.

Moisture is the key to think about when storing edibles. Fridges and freezers tend to draw moisture out of baked goods, but will extend the shelf life dramatically. Caution: Moisture that is drawn out of the products will remain inside of a sealed package and promote mold growth. Avoid this by keeping previously-frozen goods in a fridge or freezer until sold.

Are Edibles Illegal?

Persons with a valid medical authorization for possessing cannabis have a fundamental right under the the Charter to possess edibles (Conclusion: R. v Smith – Supreme Court of Canada – June 11, 2015).

However, at this time, no federally-licensed cannabis producers are permitted to produce edibles.

We at Baked Edibles are providing the access to cannabis derivatives required by the Charter that is not being provided by federally-licensed producers.

Owen Smith of R. v Smith was a baker working for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, a compassion club that founded the original bakery from which Baked Edibles evolved.

It's my First Time Using Edibles, How Much do I Take?

Learning how to safely use edibles is a process that varies for each individual and may take 2-3 separate attempts to achieve the correct dose. The important thing is to be patient, and don’t expect to achieve a correct dose on your first try. Start with a standard dose, and increase the dose very slowly over a number of trials until you achieve the desired effects.

5mg of THC is considered a “standard dose” for edibles and is the recommended starting point for people using edibles for the first time. Most people who do not consume cannabis regularly will feel something from a correctly-labeled 5mg THC dose. Baked Edibles Chocolate bars are broken into servings of 5mg and 10mg for easy dosage.

ALWAYS wait at least 1.5 to 2.0 hours after consuming edibles for full effects to be realized. Many factors dictate how long it will take for the full effects to set in, including previous stomach contents and digestive metabolism. It may be difficult to remember once you’re intoxicated, but the effects are always temporary and the safest place to “come down” is in your bed.

The safest way to self-medicate with edibles is to use products (like Baked Edibles) that are correctly tested and labeled so you can easily compare how you feel to the labeled dosage. Dosage and testing accuracy will vary from different suppliers. ALWAYS make sure that your edibles are correctly tested for potency and don’t hesitate to ask your supplier for test results.

Will you Sell Edibles to Me?

As we do not have our own patient-intake process, we only sell to dispensaries and authorized healthcare providers at this timeAsk your local dispensary to contact us for samples of any products you’d like to try!


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